Teaching at Dartmouth

I have worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the following courses:

Physics 3- General Physics I, Yorke Brown

Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Brian Chaboyer

Astronomy 1- Exploration of the Solar System, Rob Fesen

Astronomy 15- Stars and The Milky Way, Gary Wegner

Astronomy 25- Galaxies and Cosmology, Brian Chaboyer

Teaching at Bucknell

I have also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant with faculty supervision at Bucknell University for the following courses and professors:

PHYS 211 and PHYS 212- General Physics I and II, Jack Gallimore, Sally Koutsoliotas, David Schoepf, Jeff Bowen, Katelyn Allers, James Higsby

PHYS 221- Mechanics I, Michelle Thornley

PHYS 142- Vision and Optics, Michelle Thornley

PHYS 147- Energy and Sustainability, Ned Ladd